Facebook, use the Twitter API, please

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook software could be so much better. The ultimate solution, I think, is that Facebook should do what Tumblr and WordPress have done and implement the Twitter API. That way we can use the Twitter applications we already love for Facebook statuses.

While statuses come in looking like tweets, there are also four actions that work similarly to Twitter. Here’s how I see them working:

Favoriting = Liking

Fav a message that comes in via Facebook’s use of the Twitter API and it appears as a like.

Replying = Commenting

The reply would not appear as a status update. Rather, it belongs to the replied message as a comment. All replies appear in that message’s comment thread.

Retweeting = Sharing

Although, the idea of retweeting isn’t really in the Facebook culture, so I could understand if this wasn’t implemented at all. You can’t really share statuses, but maybe you can share links this way with attribution.

“@name” = Friend tagging or Post on a Facebook Wall

This works two ways depending on where the “@name” appears. Put it at the beginning of the message and it shows up as post on that person’s Facebook wall. Put it in the middle and it behaves like friend tagging.

Do you agree that Facebook should implement the Twitter (or Twitter-like) API? If so, let them know. Submit the idea on their suggestions page.

Maybe it’s a long shot, but it can’t hurt.

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If Facebook were to implement the Twitter API that would be it. We’d have another FTP or HTTP or RSS