Quick Review: Mega Man 9



Mega Man games are a lesson in failure, humiliation, and sweaty palms. You only progress after you learn all the ways you can get tricked.

Maybe it’s just that my pain tolerance has gotten so low, or I’ve been spoiled by things like save states in emulators. My present-day self is much less patient than my school-kid self. I think this is the hardest Mega Man I’ve ever played.

Hardest Mega Man game ever. EVER. EVER!

Except Mega Man 2, maybe.

I got all the way to the final Dr. Wily. After going through the Wily stages, beating every single robot again, and getting killed over and over by Dr. Wily, I just gave up. Couldn’t do it. Googled the ending. Watched it on Youtube.

Not as satisfying, but about the same end result. The guy playing on Youtube made it look easy. Maybe I’ll try again someday.

So I liked it. Get it if you like Mega Man. You probably knew that already.