Doing the Basics Better / Cookie Packaging

When people talk about progress they usually refer to how much better their iPhone is than their old cell phone or how much more mileage their hybrid car gets than their old car.

But there are some things that nobody seems to notice need improvement. Or they do, but don’t say anything. Usually it has to do with the basics of how something operates.

Like cookie packaging.

Chips Ahoy cookies were always a treat when I was a kid, but the packaging wasn’t good. Back then, the packaging worked like a bag of chips. You’d open the cookies from the side, take some, and to reseal you’d roll the packaging back up. They even had a plastic clip to keep your cookies sealed. It never worked well.

I don’t know how long its been, but they finally fixed this. The geniuses at Nabisco rethought the packaging. Now you open it from the top.

Chips Ahoy Packaging 1

If you’re like me and rarely buy cookies they put a little warning where you’re used to opening the cookies.

Chips Ahoy Packaging 2

So they give you a pull tab.

Chips Ahoy Packaging 4

And voila.

Chips Ahoy Packaging 5

When you’re done omnomnomnomnom-ing you just reseal the package with the flap.

Sometimes the best thing to do is the basics, but better.