Let’s Rethink Genius Recommendations

I think Apple should pay me, but I’ve been sending in suggestions for free anyway – so why bother paying me?

iTunes Genius Podcast Suggestion

Wouldn’t it be great if we could automatically get Genius recommendations?

Apple should consider using all this data it’s collecting for iTunes Genius to serve a custom podcast of new and recommended music.

Genius is nice, but I do not want to disrupt what I’m currently listening to to check out music listed in the sidebar. What I’d rather have is a summation of these recommendations in an enhanced podcast that I could click-through to get on the iTunes Store. Better yet – make it really easy to add that to my wish list.

Even if each new entry is a single song that’s better than having to select something in iTunes, look at the sidebar, and interrupt what I’m currently listening to for something I may not even like.

I think from now on I’m going to begin every suggestion I send to Apple with “Wouldn’t it be great‚Ķ”