Launchbar Overview on Screencasts Online

Ever hear about Launchbar but not sure what it is? Check out Screencasts Online overview of Launchbar.

Launchbar is in the same vein as Quicksilver, and with Quicksilver development at a stall it’s become a very attractive option. I’ve been using Launchbar 5 for about a year. I feel hobbled when using a Mac without it. With a few keystrokes you can:

  • Play music in iTunes
  • Open and move files on your Mac
  • Move files around on your Mac
  • Use just about any search engine with search templates
  • Email files to an entry in your Address Book

Screencasts Online go over some of the basics of Launchbar. If it’s up your alley they also offer a discount code at the end of the episode.

There are some things that I wish Launchbar has that Quicksilver has (namely the “comma trick”), but I’m hoping that in Part II of this series they cover some things I may have overlooked.