Ableton and “All The Best From Berlin!”

Reading all the Ableton news this week it occurs to me how different Ableton works when compared to almost every other music software company I’ve ever dealt with.

Ableton behaves like a small, young company – perhaps because they are a small, young company.

I got Ableton Live Lite 3 in some M-Audio hardware years ago. Today I can upgrade to Ableton Live Lite 8 – for free. How many other software companies offer that?

You can buy Ableton Live online – by that, I mean you can download it and be ready to go in an hour.

Ableton’s website is clean, simple, and focused on product. Other sites try to get you to check out their latest promotions or check out a video of some new hardware – all on their front page.

Ableton’s emails comes in both English and German. And they end with “All the best from Berlin.”