Turns out iTunes Genius isn’t that smart

This is what happens when I activate iTunes Genius on a Danny Elfman track (solo album Danny Elfman, not movie soundtrack Danny Elfman).

Danny Elfman - Genius

I got a lot of other music from movie soundtracks.

It appears that Genius doesn’t know much at all about the track you’re listening to. Instead it looks at the artist field and makes the best guess it can. Since most of Elfman’s music in the wild are from movie soundtracks it assumes that I wanted to listen to soundtracks.

But I didn’t. I expected to get a lot of Oingo Boingo and other groups from that era.

Which is kind of a bummer, I think – especially when some of your favorite music is by bands and artists that continually revise their sound and aren’t afraid of trying new things.

With billions of tracks it’s a huge undertaking to find a way to get Genius down to that level, but I think Last.fm and Pandora may be a bit closer than Apple is.