Time for news blogs to grow up

This outcry from Gizmodo about not getting a Blackberry unit to review brings up something I’ve been thinking about blogging lately, specifically news blogs.

If you want to be considered part of the legitimate news media you should probably behave like you’re part of the legitimate news media.

It means you can’t do these things:

  • Report on speculation
  • Blatantly show bias in articles (that’s what editorials are for).
  • Regurgitate news originally reported by others and pass it off as your own

These things are what separate the men from the boys. It’s not so much about whining about not getting a review unit. It’s about journalistic integrity.

Part of what’s ruining the web are these sorts of things. Most of this blogosphere seems to be articles that were written before by somebody else, and better. It’s reprinted press releases surrounded by AdWords.

Sure – with Gizmodo it’s different. It’s a popular site. It’s read everyday by people who would be into the Blackberry. It has original content. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held up to the same standard as the New York Times.

The world isn’t fair. That’s old news.