Let’s Have Lunch!

Here’s a Facebook app that should get made.

You’ve got hundreds or maybe even thousands of people in your friends list. A few of them might be friends you haven’t seen in a while. Why not have lunch with them and catch up?

You and your buddies use the app “Let’s Have Lunch” to opt-in to a rotating, weekly schedule of lunch dates. You can even make sure that some people, for example – the people in your “Skeeve me out and ignore” friends list, never get you as a lunch date.

But, for those that do get you as a lunch date you get to pick a restaurant when the rotation comes along and be actual buddies again.

You could also carry that idea to other things.

  • Let’s go to Six Flags
  • Let’s rob a bank
  • Let’s do community service
  • Let’s get a drink
  • Let’s stop complaining about the new Live Feed / News Feed thing that I don’t understand and pretending that we’ll leave Facebook over it because I have no intention of learning it because I’d rather complain

What a great idea!&*^