Facebook Power User Tip: The Core

I’m about to let you in on something I may have used to ignore you.

One of the things that can get annoying with Facebook is the amount of data overload that comes in from the News Feed. Most of that bloat may come from people you don’t have strong relationships with. You value the connection, and you’re friendly with each other, but it’s not like they’ll be the first you call when your first child is born.

If somebody’s updates or app spam gets out of hand you can hide them, but if this happens a lot you’re basically playing whack-a-mole all the time. Instead, what if you could invert this? What if instead of choosing who to hide you choose who you pay attention to; basically just people you see everyday and with whom you have close connections?

I call this group The Core – basically the center of your social life, your Real-Life™ social life.

How do you get quick access to the core? Create a new friends list. Go to Facebook’s friends page to do so.

Now you’re going to go through all your friends page by page. Who belongs in your core? Add these people to your new friends list.

Creating a friends list is easy enough, but the real trick is making this the default view. On the Facebook home page hit this More button to reveal all the filters you have:


With the full list expanded you can now drag and drop the filters any way you want. By default News Feed is the top item, but it doesn’t have to be. Drag your new friends list up top.


Now every time you go to Facebook’s home page you’ll get The Core first. Everything else is still available if you want it, and you’ll continue to use it. But now you’re less likely to miss the things that happen in your immediate social circle.