eMusic and Netflix Cancellation Messages

With both eMusic and Netflix you can choose to cancel an account or simply put it on hold until you decide to come back. What’s interesting is how they both approach the same thing.

If you cancel eMusic you get this message:


Which is wrong anyway. The whole reason I decided to cancel my account is because I have no special pricing anymore compared to other eMusic plans.

eMusic also tries to convince you to stay with the following message:


Netflix approaches this from the other way. If you choose to put your account on hold you can still add to your queue and browse through the movies – you just won’t receive any.

This is what’s displayed at the top of each Netflix page you visit during this time:


I don’t know if it’s still the same, but years ago I canceled my Netflix account. When I decided to start it up again Netflix retained my queue and ratings. Creepy? Maybe for some sites, but my ratings on Netflix had enough value towards recommendations to justify keeping them in the system.

So where Netflix seems to make it easy to come back after a cancellation, eMusic tries to make it painful to even leave. I don’t think it’s difficult to see which approach is more likely to retain customers in the long run.