A Trip to PetSmart

Going to PetSmart on Saturdays is always a treat, not just because the ASPCA brings the dogs over, but because it’s a case study in retail management and product marketing.

For instance, if you thought Snuggie was enough by itself you haven’t seen Snuggie For Dogs.

Snuggie For Dogs

Since pets are a member of the family some owners are willing to smother them. But when you give a dog a therapeutic blanket or an outdoor jacket doesn’t it mess up the natural growth of the winter coat? Who cares? SOLD.

Dog on Product Packaging

If you put a picture of a dog on a product’s packaging the marketing pretty much takes care of itself.

Doggy Mouse Pad

Doesn’t really work for ferrets though. Unless you really love ferrets.

Ferret Home

This tarp covers up what I think was a crime scene of dog shit.

Pet Store CSI