Party Emails


Sometimes after I write an email it feels like it results in a badly planned party. It’s like I wrote:

Hey guys, I’m having a get-together on Saturday. Nothing fancy. If you want to come it’ll be cool. Starts at around 5 or so. I’ll make something on the grill. We’ll play some cards. BYOB. If you want to bring a friend that’s fine. Nothing crazy, just keepin’ it small.

Then throughout the day I get asked if so-and-so can come, and if we can start a bonfire, and if it’s okay that somebody brings their flamethrower.

Then 5 O’clock comes around and a bus pulls up full of these people that I didn’t even invite with their flamethrowers and lighter fluid. By the end of the night my house has burned down and nobody has even offered to help clean up.

That’s what my inbox feels like.

Photo by Flickr user RedLeader and used under a Creative Commons License