Needless predictions and speculation about iTunes 9

The rumor is that iTunes 9 comes out on Wednesday.

I bet that in iTunes 9:

  • Playlists will be easier to share with friends.
    Whether it’s done through some new Facebook app or, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some service that syncs with your Apple account (maybe Facebook connect). Ultimately there will be some more interest in generating sales in the iTunes store. They did it last year with Genius. This year it will be about what your friends like.
  • There will be some ideas taken from the iPhone and iPod Touch.
    When flipping through albums in Coverflow you’ll be able to click on artwork, flip it over, and select tracks like on an iPhone. Or not.
  • There will be some Snow Leopard optimizations
    64-bit support for OSX, and scrolling through albums in grid view will scroll like butter

I’ll be amazed if:

  • Apple releases an iTunes controller like Coversutra or Menuet.
    I don’t think a lot of users really care about this stuff. I think they just leave iTunes on random, so what do you need to control it for?
  • Apple does a Snow Leopard on iTunes
    They could take out movies and TV shows, anything that doesn’t have to do with music. I don’t think it will happen.
  • Social networking features are anything more than scrobbling to and sharing playlists
    Tweeting out tracks will get annoying really fast.
  • Anything about Spotify
  • Blu-ray is even mentioned.

I have no guesses about:

  • Cocktail
    When people are complaining about how difficult it is to sort out iPhone menus I don’t think every album will suddenly become an app. Remember the days of CD Extras? Remember how worthless they were?
  • Discontinuation of iPod classic
    Not yet. My iTunes music library is at 134 gigs. Does that mean there won’t be an iPod for me or others like me? Flash storage can’t support those sizes yet, but there’s no denying there’s an interest in moving everyone towards iPod Touch.

There is no reason to trust me – I have no idea.

Photo by kevinspencer