eMusic’s Credit Economy – Feel the Pinch

Here’s another annoyance with eMusic.

eMusic's Credit Economy Problem

You can click-through to the Flickr page if you need to see it bigger, but basically this is a screenshot of the new Vitalic album on eMusic. It’s also a good demonstration of how eMusic’s credit economy is broken.

For starters, most albums now cost 12 credits – which is alright because it usually aligns with eMusic’s entry-level plans. But this album costs 13 credits. That 13th track is 31 seconds long. There isn’t even a preview.

Don’t they see how this is obnoxious?

Sure, it’s only 1 credit – but at the end of the day I don’t want to manage credits. When I buy something I want to do an apples-to-apples comparison. I want something with a dollar sign. eMusic, Microsoft, and others don’t want that – which is why they make you buy points good for the content they sell.

1 credit wasn’t a big deal back in the 90-credits a month days. But with the new plans you can feel the pinch.