Link: Sony Adding All Songs Over Two Years Old To EMusic; EMusic Raising Prices [Cheap Music]

Sony is coming to eMusic, and eMusic will raise prices.

This is the first I’m reading about the price increase. I haven’t received an email about my plan changing – I’m on an annual plan so I’m not sure they can do much until I resubscribe in the fall.

Today eMusic will announce that Sony is adding its back catalog of songs to eMusic’s library. The bad news is that eMusic also plans to slightly raise prices and/or drop the number of downloads per month. Even if it works out to between 50-60 cents per track, though, that’s still far less than iTunes Music Store or Amazon, and probably the cheapest way to grab music from Sony artists without resorting to piracy.

Having been grandfathered in to eMusic’s 90 downloads per month plan at $20 (which is a really sweet deal) I suppose I should’ve known that it wouldn’t last forever.