4 Things That Your School Probably Ruined For You


Remember writing papers and essays with word and page requirements? Did you try to beat the system by not contracting words (using “is not” instead of “isn’t” to increase your word count) or not getting to the point in your writing? Your essay would probably be about the same, but more readable had you written it like you weren’t Forest Gump.

The result? A generation of people who don’t know english and think verbose, lengthy writing means they’re smart. They say things like:

  • From that perspective (or standpoint)
  • As to
  • Concerns (as in I have some concerns as to how the meeting ended).

If you work in an office have you noticed how everyone has issues or concerns? They never call them what they really are: problems.

No one really talks like that – so don’t.


Child Reading

In 8th grade I had to read The Hobbit. If you’re reading this you’re probably somewhere on the nerd-meter and you may like that kind of stuff. I didn’t.

So if you hate a book that you have to read for school you trudge through it, or get the gist from Cliff Notes (or Wikipedia these days). And what did you learn? You learned to hate reading because you just plain didn’t like reading some books.

If you do read for recreation you give the book 50 pages. If by page 51 it hasn’t really done it for you, move on.

You don’t have to keep doing something you don’t actually want to do.


This is where you learn where you are on the food chain.

If you’re like me you probably weren’t great at sports. And since school gym class is like the Nick Jr. version of a day in prison (always watching your back if you’re the weak one) you probably learned to hate exercising…plus locker-room showers.

Public transportation

School busses suck even when you aren’t the driver.

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