Link: Going from failing to Straight As with GTD and Omnifocus

Colin Wheeler writes about GTD and how, along with OmniFocus, it enabled him to completely turn his grades around.

After I got on with this system of GTD and OmniFocus I went back to school full time again at a different and better school IMHO. For my parents they were still anxious given my past performance academically, but I wanted to go full force and get my school over with as I thought going part time would take far too long and just be dragging my program out. This time no letter came home saying I was failing my classes. At the end of the term I got my grades back 5 A’s. Both my parents were stunned at this, my mom asked me what I did different and I explained to her about Getting Things Done. She still doesn’t believe that GTD is the reason I did a 180, but it is.

Of course, GTD doesn’t turn anyone into a genius, but even being a genius doesn’t mean you can get your work done on time. The bar isn’t as high as many people think it is. In most cases all you really need to do is stay on top of due dates to blow people away, especially when they’re already used to disappointment.

Will that get you a job at NASA? Probably not, but it does contribute to your reputation of being a dependable person. I wish I used this system back when I was in school.