Yes – it does make you a bad person

Waferbaby has a series of articles called The Setup, interviewing people about how they get their work done.

They interviewed YACHT:

What hardware are you using to get your work done? I have two computers — three if you count the iPhone, which you probably should… And what software? For making music I use Ableton Live 7, free AU and VST plugins by various Smartelectronix developers. I’ve been using the mda plugins since I’ve been using Live. I also really like Audio Damage plugins, which I’ve pirated. Sorry guys! I think I bought one a while ago? Sometimes I use Reason 4 for certain soft-synths, or sampled keyboards I downloaded a long time ago. I also stole Reason. I used to use Peak for stereo editing and mastering, but it got harder and harder to find a crack for it. While I was working on “Magic” my cracked version of Live stopped working and I finally had to buy it. Does all this piracy make me a bad person?

If you own an iPhone you are not allowed to pirate – anything. Can we all agree on this?