Audio Damage Not Amused

Related to the post “Yes – it does make you a bad person”, Audio Damage celebrates their 5th anniversary.

We’ve thrown a few elbows in the industry, made a lot of friends, bought a bunch of ads, faced some fairly intense competition, bitched and moaned about inconsequential shit, and dealt with shit that isn’t inconsequential at all. We’ve moved the corporation from one state to another and moved my actual ass to a different state entirely. We’ve put up with rampant idiocy from people that style themselves members of the creative community but are actually members of some kind of bullshit that doesn’t have a name.

Their link, not mine.

Related: I’ve been trying out Audio Damage’s Automaton. Really cool effect. You can build your own timed distortions with it.

Edit: The Audio Damage folks respond directly to YACHT:

know this: wrong is wrong. If you have to ask whether you’re a bad person or not, that alone should be all the answer you need. We are willing to accept piracy as a fact of life in the business we’re in. We’ve never done more than pay lip service to copy protection, and we’ve tried to put a value on the product of our creativity that makes that product easily attainable, to the point where piracy simply isn’t worth the trouble.

Waferbaby has edited the original interview. Go to Audio Damage’s post to get up to speed if you’re just seeing this.