Would You Cover Footloose For A Friend?

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Doveman, aka Thomas Bartlett, covered the soundtrack to the 1984 film, Footloose, at the request of his friend Gabriel Greenberg.


Such an interesting story behind this – From Greenberg:

When I was very young, my half-sister Jenny died tragically. She was a teenager, and it was the 80’s. She left behind a wardrobe of brightly colored clothes, rainbow stickers, life-size paintings, doodles on lined paper, and hundreds of tapes. These constitute most of my memories of her. It’s sad for me to look at these things, and usually I don’t. But a couple of summers ago I found a tape of hers with a startling cover photograph – this was Footloose. I couldn’t stop listening: it was a portrait of 80’s love, desire, pain, freedom, and frenzy; of being a teenager in a time of change. By listening, I could step into Jenny’s shoes, see things from her vantage point. I could be emancipated by rock and roll and walkmen, just as she had been. We could listen together. I asked my friend Thomas to cover the album, which, sheltered as he is, he had never heard before. I was clear that I wanted to him to cover the whole album – the point wasn’t to rework any one song, but to re-imagine the picture they made together. With a new Footloose we could reply to the past, tell our own story about being young. This is what he made.

Doveman puts a completely different spin on Let’s Hear It For The Boy. Flash player below:

Lets Hear It For The Boy – Doveman

Although Doveman has received a cease and desist order, you can listen to the music at iMeem.