Why Not Harvey Danger?

Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger

When Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Saul Williams get praised for releasing their music for free on the Internet, do you ever wonder why the same doesn’t happen as much for Harvey Danger?

Consider this: Harvey Danger released their album Little By Little to the internet for free over 2 years before the current Radiohead and Nine Inch Nail albums. They didn’t ask you to name your own price or to sign up to a mailing list – they gave it away with no strings attached.

And when the album was picked up by an indie label they didn’t remove the download – It’s still available today.

2 thoughts on “Why Not Harvey Danger?”

  1. Ouch. I loved that album.


    Alright, I confess. After I did some wiki-snooping. I loved Merry-makers and KJV. Little by Little was alright.

    But damn straight the distribution model was ahead of its time. I can’t believe the torrent speed I’m pulling on this. It looks like one of the seeders is Amazon S3. Maybe that’s how you host a torrent legally? I’ve never looked in to it.

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