Music Sharing on Pownce and


When you hear music you want someone else to hear, how do you do share it?

Here are some ways we’ve always done it:

  • IM File Transfer
  • FTP Server
  • Napster
  • Thumb Drive
  • Limewire

But now there are some other options to share tunes with people that revolve around social networks:


Pownce allows you to send files to your friends and the to the public. In the past few months they gave users the option to set download or streaming publication preferences – maybe to try to avoid filesharing legal issues. A little snooping in the HTML code can get you the mp3 file of a streamed tune.

The thing about Pownce is that music files shared on the service are typically copyrighted and thus break Pownce’s Terms of Use. Although Pownce has a whole page about DMCA Copyright Claims, nobody really cares (even some of the site’s founders violate Pownce’s policies) and there’s no way for it to be enforced if it’s shared among friends. How’s a copyright owner going to claim a violation they can’t see? They simply can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pownce. But it’s obvious that their terms of use is meant to help them with CYA-ing.


I think when music is available on for streaming it’s actually more convenient than seeking it out and downloading it from P2P services. It’s also legal.

Still, there are some holes in Last.FM’s offerings, and some other things need to happen before it becomes easy to recommend music to friends that aren’t on Last.FM.

It’s no wonder most people continue to do things the old-fashioned way, filesharing through local networks or lending CDs. It’s easy to do and everybody gets it.