Adium on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Adium DMG screen

I don’t think I’ll buy an iPhone, but I will be tempted to grab the next revision of the iPod Touch if it has a speaker on it. And it’s all because of the app store.

And since the iPhone is more of a complete communication device than phone, It’s no wonder that Mac users want to have their favorite messaging app with them: Adium. However, it would appear that the Adium iPhone development may not be until Apple changes their position on iPhone development.

A thread on Cocoaforge states that, because Apple’s iPhone developer agreements don’t allow developers to release source code, every project built with GPL software licenses would violate GPL terms if was developed for the iPhone. If a developer chooses to align with the GPL it would mean breaking Apple’s terms on the iPhone and potentially feeling the wrath of Cupertino.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. In short, your favorite open-source apps may not find their way to the iPhone.