Coldplay and Indie Band Independently Come Close To The Same Radio-Friendly Melody

Indie band The Creaky Boards claim that Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is a rip-off of their song, “The Songs I Didn’t Write.”

The songs sound similar, just like countless other songs sound similar to eachother – but not enough for me to believe this is a direct, intended plagiarism on Coldplay’s part.

And the claim that Chris Martin was in the audience at their CMJ show? I’m guessing a lot of people look like Chris Martin when you perform in front of a new audience.

1 thought on “Coldplay and Indie Band Independently Come Close To The Same Radio-Friendly Melody”

  1. I’ve actually given this little debate quite a bit of thought and have come to this conclusion.

    Both songs follow the same progression at least for their Verses:

    IV V I vi

    Key-Wise: Creaky Boards song is in A Coldplay’s is in G#

    What it really comes down to is the melody: Both songs start on their respective third note of the scale, but that’s about where the similarities stop occurring.

    Notes: Creaky Boards – c#c#c#c# b d / bbbb a g# a c# Coldplay – cccc c# a# / a# g# a# a# g# c d# f

    Rhythm: I think this is where everybody is getting their tits in a knot. The rhythm of both songs are indeed VERY VERY similar.

    Just like the Dan man said, there are a bajillion and a half songs that sound very similar if not exactly the same.

    Class dismissed.

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