Pownce vs. Twitter

After using Pownce and Twitter for a while I’ve come to this conclusion that you don’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom for.

I like Pownce better.

Thing is, like every social network, it doesn’t really matter which one is better – it matters which ones your friends are on. Amazingly, I have friends on Pownce and not Twitter.

However, the software support is better for Twitter. Twitterrific is a great app (don’t be shy, you don’t have to pay for it if you’re happy with getting an ad every hour); it has Growl support, it hangs out in the OSX menu bar…The Pownce desktop app has none of that. It’s built on Adobe’s Air platform which doesn’t feel right on OSX. You have to get used to going to the upper-right to close a window.

Some people, even Pownce’s founders, have said that they use Twitter for basic messaging/tweets and Pownce for everything else. Thing is, if Pownce can basically do tweets too, I don’t see the point of maintaining another service just for that.

So imagine how much cooler Pownce would be if there were a Twitterrific-like app for it? Anybody want to make Pownceremonious, Powncelebrate, Pownceleb, Powncentral? Any other cute names you can come up with? Is that all it would take for Pownce to reach critical mass?

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