Apple Selling Off Pro-Apps To Make Room For Adobe? Nah!

Robert Cringely speculates about the future of Apple Pro Apps:

…why, then, was Apple quietly shopping around its entire professional application business to prospective buyers at the recently completed National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas? These include Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic, and Shake — applications that are hardly also-rans in their segments and none of which are antiquated in the least. Final Cut, of course, absolutely dominates the video editing business. Why would Apple want to give that up?

The claim is that Apple is trying to avoid antitrust problems for it’s inevitable buyout of Adobe. Adobe has software that does the same tasks as Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, After Effects –

There is no Adobe equivalent of Logic though…

Plus, Apple just hit one million Final Cut Studio licenses – they want to dump that? Really?