Interpreting The Musical Tastes of Presidential Candidates

Facebook users can list their favorite music in their profiles, so let’s take a look at the profiles of presidential candidates to see what their music tastes are and what they could mean to voters.

And yes, we can totally take a look at their Facebook profiles to figure out what kind of President they would be.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Facebook page.

Favorite Music: Not listed.

Interpretation: I don’t want anyone to know I still listen to Fleetwood Mac.

John McCain

John McCain’s Facebook page

Favorite Music: None listed.

Interpretation: Facebook users probably won’t appreciate my taste in country music, so I won’t even acknowledge it. But I will talk TV shows.

Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld and 24.

Interpretation: A show about nothing and a show swept in controversy regarding its protagonist’s use of torture. Yeah, I think I have the full spectrum covered.

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee’s page on Facebook is NOT PUBLIC!

Favorite Music: Who knows? Gospel?

Interpretation:: Only my friends have access to me and only I get to say who my friends are. That’s also how it will be if I’m elected President.

Oh, and what’s a Facebook?

Barack Obama

Obama’s Facebook page

Favorite Music: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Johann Sebastian Bach (cello suites), and The Fugees.

Interpretation: I sympathize with the message of my generation and your generation, yet I am sophisticated enough to listen to Bach. Plus, my interest in the Fugees must prove that I’m not one of these things.