Congressman Lessig?

BoingBoing is reporting that Lawrence Lessig may be considering running for congress.

The movement to draft Lawrence Lessig has now picked up considerable steam and a blog has been launched to keep track. After the death of representative Lantos Lessig’s district has an open seat in Congress and a special election will be held in early April. Lessig is rumored to be considering the position and has registered the domain

This strikes me as sort of a predicament in the same way as Al Gore being president does. If you think about it, if Al Gore became President in 2001, he would not have been able to contribute in the ways he has; no Inconvenient Truth, no Live Earth, etc.

Same thing with embryonic stem cells: if we were allowed to use embryonic stem cells then maybe we wouldn’t have come upon the latest stem cell breakthrough.

So, like Gore and the ban on embryonic stem cells, as much as I’d love to see Lessig involved directly in politics, I question if his involvement in politics would be as good for the public than if he continued his current campaign against political corruption.

Link: Draft Larry Lessig for Congress! – Boing Boing