SFLogicNinja – Free Apple Logic tutorials

One of the most talked about Logic links going around right now is the profile of Youtube user SFLogicNinja.

SFLogicNinja, aka David Earl, has posted a number of Logic tutorials on Youtube. They aren’t just basic concepts either. Some tutorials are advanced Logic Pro techniques, including Audio To Score, Groove Templates, and more.

From what I’ve seen the videos are easy to follow along with and great for wrapping your head around Logic when a training series book just doesn’t cut it.

SFLogicNinja on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “SFLogicNinja – Free Apple Logic tutorials”

  1. Hello, and hope this email finds you well. I have found your tutorials on Logic quite good. thanks a bunch for sharing. I am struggling, however, with logic studio 8. I can’t find any environment files for my synths, and really was not wanting to spend 6 months creating them. I was using sonar and as you know they have ins files which are very easy to create in a txt format using notepad and then import into the software. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. First, is there any software that you know about that can convert ins files to files for Logic 8. Second, is there an existing environment file I can update (like an existing ins file in sonar), or is there a way to create a new environment file from scratch using a text editor. thanks for your help.

  2. Yeah – the environment is a different beast than Cakewalk’s instrument definitions. I don’t know of any INS to Logic Environment utility.

    Check out SwiftKick’s Environment Toolkits and presets. It may have everything you need. That’s where I found a layer for my Roland JV-1010 years ago.

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