Logic Pro 8 Bug: Alternate Keyboard Layouts Are Ufcked

I love Logic 8. And I love the Dvorak keyboard layout.

But put all three of us together and it’s a bizarre love triangle.


p>And yes, I did complain about something similar in Reason 4, but I’ve never had this problem in Logic until version 8. This is likely a bug with Logic 8. Reason 4 just wasn’t designed with alternate keyboards in mind.

Machine: PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz


Logic Pro 8.0 and 8.01

Mac OSX 10.4.11 and OSX 10.5.1

Problem: Some Logic 8 Key Commands are mapped by key position, not key label. This causes problems for people who don’t use the American QWERTY keyboard layout.

Description In-Depth:

There are a lot of cool key commands you may not be able to use based on your keyboard layout. Some default key commands that are compromised in the Dvorak keyboard layout are:

  • / – Go To Position
  • Shift-] – Next Channel Strip Setting
  • Shift-[ – Previous Channel Strip Setting
  • = – Merge Regions
  • Shift+= – Merge Regions Per Tracks

There are more, and it generally seems to involve anything with /, =, [, and ].

Why not just reassign them? Because Logic 8 has Key Command Spaghetti. Try to change one of these commands and you get a notice that something else is using that key. They’re all tangled. Who really wants to pull that string?

EDIT: You can reassign them without much of a mess. It took me about 10 minutes. Back up your current key commands, go to the key command window and filter out unused key commands. Expand all the commands and switch between US QWERTY and your alternative layout. Anything that changes needs to be taken care of. Anything that conflicts is usually in another editor, so it shouldn’t cause problems with your current operation. I haven’t had problems…yet.

Read more about this problem here, and how it affects international (Not North American) users here.

What It Looks Like:

A shortcut menu for region merging with US QWERTY. Looks fine.

A QWERTY shortcut in Logic 8

A shortcut menu for region merging with Dvorak. The key commands have changed.

A Dvorak shortcut in Logic 8

And what you get when you try to reassign key commands correctly under Dvorak.

A QWERTY shortcut in Logic 8

How To Recreate it

Simply switch your keyboard layout to Dvorak, or to something with a different layout, and you’ll witness the magic of Logic spaghetti. If you have the key command open you may see them change right in front of you.

If you are having problems with this, please let Apple know. You shouldn’t have to change your keyboard layout everytime you want to produce music with the efficiency of key commands.

Plus, Dvorak is awesome.

Edit: See above underneath the bug description to see how you can solve this problem on your setup. Just keep in mind that Logic will have some key positions mapped for everyone else until Apple fixes the default key commands.