Bulding a Hackintosh for under $1000

MacApper is running a tutorial on building a generic PC and turning it into a Hackintosh that’s comparable to a MacPro for under $600 in parts.

The computer is run through some CPU benchmarks, but graphics is another story:

It’s time to get the video card working properly. Currently it’s in some generic mode with only one resolution. I found a package by Scott Dangel that installed a few nice things along with the necessary stuff to make my video card function properly. He apparently made it for Leopard 10.5.2 but it worked nicely on the 10.5.1 system I just installed. Download the package and install it. Here is what you should see after this package successfully installs.

I wonder how long until the hand of Jobs comes by and says how rude this is.

Via: DIY Hackintosh Tutorial: Build a Mac Pro for Cheap | MacApper