BBEdit Developer Tells Developers "Don’t Do It!"

Following up on the earlier MacHeist post (which is now over, btw) I thought I’d link to the latest going on in discussions on MacBreak Weekly.

Leo, Merlin and Andy talk with Rich Siegel of Bare Bones Software about MacHeist. Rich recommends that developers not participate because of the cost of supporting customers that didn’t pay full price and the de-valueation of your software.

I have to say he’s right on. Pixelmator is regularly $59, but in the past few months it has participated in the Macheist bundle and the Give Good Food To Your Mac bundle – giving people an opportunity to pay well below $59 for it. So how much is it really worth now?

Leo is hoping to hear from the other side of this about why a developer should want to participate in these bundles. As a Mac user I love these bundles, but if I was developing software I would think twice before participating.

Via: The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte