The Album Is Dead – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban asks why artists bother releasing albums anymore.

If an artist commits to release music on a weekly or bi weekly basis, then consumers can make a commitment knowing they are going to get something new and hopefully exciting for their 99c. If the commitment is strong enough its feasible that artists could sell subscriptions to their serialized releases. My guess is that consumers will feel better about subscribing to an artist and getting a song a week or every 2 than dropping 10 dollars at a time for an album.

I think some artists are already doing something similar to this since the iTunes Store. I listen to a lot more EPs than I used to.

Still, there’s room for creativity. Imagine a concept album released serially. That could be cool.

The Album Is Dead

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  1. Bishop Allen did something like this…they released an EP a month each month of 2006. It was only available on CD though.

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