Wide Open Spaces

The unsung feature of Leopard is definitely Spaces.

Spaces is a feature that I thought I’d rarely use, but I find that I use it ALL THE TIME now. I have 9 Spaces enabled – it just seems like that’s the right thing to do when you can use your number pad as your shortcuts.

I’ve always been a Command+H kind of user – Nothing gets minimized, but I like to only focus on one application at a time. With Spaces nothing is hidden, but it can be open in a different Space. Windows don’t get tiled up anymore. Low priority stuff is in Space 9.

If you’re looking for reasons to dislike Spaces, check out “Why Apple Spaces Is Broken.” The main complaint seems to be that Spaces isn’t smart enough to figure out when multiple instances of an app are used for a different purpose.

I guess I’m not such an advanced virtual desktop user to really notice that holding me back.