Logic Pro 8 Bug: Arrange Drawing When Interacting With Folders and Panels

Machine: PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz


  • Logic Pro 8.0
  • Mac OSX 10.4.10

Problem: Arrange window does not draw correctly when going in and out of Arrange Folders. The arrange timeline is off and some regions get cutoff.

What it looks like:

A drawing bug in Logic Pro 8

How to recreate it:

  1. Create a few tracks
  2. Create a region on each track
  3. Stuff regions into a folder
  4. Go into folder
  5. Make the media sidebar viewable
  6. Go back up to higher arrange level
  7. Hide the Media window

Is it a fluke?

Maybe. I can only reliably recreate it during CPU intensive sessions during playback and those sessions were Logic 7 projects.

1 thought on “Logic Pro 8 Bug: Arrange Drawing When Interacting With Folders and Panels”

  1. Other problems I’ve had with logic 8:<br/>Sometimes I’ll record audio to track, and while I’m tracking the waveform is displayed in low resolution, but when the recording stops, it appears as though no audio is recorded. The audio is there, but the display looks silent. The fix is to close the session and restart logic, then re-open the session. What a pain in the a##!<br/>2. Another one: <br/>when I’m watching the SPL towards the end of a song, then use my key commands to zoom out, another SPL appears! – The SPL which moves is beyond the end marker!<br/>3.<br/>I can’t record automation to midi channels 2-16 using my virus T1 – this is a VERY BIG problem!!<br/>I hope Apple gets their act together soon and fixes all these major bugs with Logic Pro 8. This product was not ready for market.

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