24 Hours With Leopard and Not a Chirp

With Spotlight re-indexing and Time Machine doing its initial backup, it’s premature to completely weigh in on Leopard. But there is one thing that I love about it so far.

The Chirping is Gone!

PowerMac G5s have had this nasty bug. From time to time the machine would chirp. Typically this would happen during weird Flash instances, full screen video, or something like that. They were never CPU intensive processes. The best way I could think to reproduce it is to just flip things around in iTunes Coverflow. Chirp chirp chirp.

That has gone away on my 2ghz Dual G5.

Pre-Leopard, you had to install Apples CHUD tools to manage your processors and turn “napping” off. It doesn’t appear that this is the default setting in Leopard. Apple either did some bug fixing or Leopard’s CPU utilization ensures that you never hear a chirp.

Whether I’m in iTunes or the Finder I can flip around Coverflow with silence!

Except for the fans, of course.