Sexy Classical Album Art?

I don’t mean to sound sexist, but here goes anyway.

It’s obvious that beautiful women on album art helps sell music. Even pictures of unattractive women who look like they might sleep with you (guys) help sell music. This is something that every industry has exploited in their marketing at some point.

But in recorded classical music? Is it possible? Not classical music! It’s on a much higher level of sophistication than pop and wouldn’t resort to such measures.

In a musical genre that depends on reselling the same music from composers who died hundreds of years ago, you bet. Just like in popular music, there aren’t a lot of ugly women selling lots of records. Maybe they aren’t as trashy, but the fundamental sexy element is still there.

Danielle de Niese

Danielle de Niese = HOT

Not a follower of current classical performers, I don’t know who this chick is, but I wonder if it’s really the $7.99 price tag that’s selling this collection of Arias.

This Decca recording is currently #1 in the Classical section of the iTunes store.

Watch the video profile on Amazon, complete with vanity poses near the end.

Anne-Sophie Mutter

Anne-Sophie Mutter = HOT

No matter what season, sleeveless is the way to go.

Cecilia Bartoli


Black and white photo, but the bracelet is gold. The album art makes her appear really young, but she is really 41 years old.

See the difference in this Amazon video.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

She had a book come out in September. Apparently the music thing wasn’t working.

Honestly, I’m not sure she belongs on the list. She doesn’t get good reviews and I think she’s in the middle of a pop crossover.

Hélene Grimaud


…more black and white photos.

Lara St. John

Classicaling It Up on the Bach Beach

Nothing says Bach harder than wearing a dress on the beach, lookin’ like you’re about to whup some ass!

With a violin, no less.

Sarah Chang

Sara Chang

The Mozart effect isn’t meant to be applied to hotness, but it can be.

And note, The 4 Seasons, and sleeveless.

Measha Brueggergosman


Yeah! Cabaret songs – my kind of lady!

This Mop Haircut Guy

Carmina Burana, Mop Haircut

Not sure who this guy is, but after 20 of those steins I bet he’s H-O-T HOT! Yes, I just spelled HOT for you in case you forgot how to spell it.

No, not really.