No – You Aren’t Radiohead

Lots of artists are looking at what’s going on with Radiohead and going “BRILLIANT!@” like the Guinness guy.

I’ll wait to hear how it is before buying. Radiohead is one of the only bands with music I need to have a physical, professionally made copy of, and I don’t think I want to spend $80 on a package with (really nice looking) records I’ll never play.

And that’s sort of the problem with the “everybody go on your own” thing. There’s no centralized location to BUY the stuff. In the future, will I really have to register with 15 sites to get music from 15 bands I like?

I think there’s also an issue with the idea of a CD as a promotional device to get people to spend money on merchandise and concerts. Recorded music is now considered a loss leader. That doesn’t sit well with me.

I’m heavily anticipating In Rainbows, but just because Radiohead lives somewhere over that rainbow doesn’t mean every other act will find a pot of gold.

Via: Everyone wants to be Radiohead at New Music Strategies