Yamaoka Back for Silent Hill 5 Score

I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox 360, but they might grab me again for Silent Hill 5.

While the movie sucked, Silent Hill is one of my favorite game franchises. A lot of horror game developers focus on action, monsters jumping through windows, etc, but Silent Hill has always relied on crafting an atmosphere that isolates players in a world of despair.

A lot of that has to do with the score.

Akira Yamaoka has composed the soundtracks of all the Silent Hill games, and he’s back for SH5. An American team is developing the game, but Yamaoka has come in as a consultant role.

I highly anticipate the score, but while Yamaoka says they’re taking things in a new direction with SH5, the latest video suggests it’s more like SH2.

Oh, and according to Wikipedia, he’s a Logic user.

Akira Yamaoka Interview on Gamevideos.com

Silent Hill 5 First Look

2 thoughts on “Yamaoka Back for Silent Hill 5 Score”

  1. I cringed when the 1up guys spoke on that first look video. I respect their written reviews but they aren’t quite as eloquent in their videos. <br/><br/>”Silent Hill 5, ya know, I think we were worried because Americans… ah, white boys were taking over the franchise.” <br/><br/>and my next favorite quote. <br/><br/>”and soldiers gotta shoot”<br/><br/>ugh<br/><br/>I’ve never played a Silent Hill game but the in-game footage looks compelling.

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