Things To Do While Installing Logic Studio

Logic Studio takes a long time to install, so here are a few things that anxious Logic users should consider doing while installing it.

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Give birth and raise a fine young man
  3. Read the manual
  4. Get your Apple Pro Certification on reading manuals
  5. Wait for Sun to turn into a blackhole and explore in
  6. Walk to Calcutta
  7. Discover AIDS vaccine
  8. Grow a beard – even the ladies you should try this one
  9. Anticipate OSX 10.6 – Thundercats
  10. Download the free songs that Apple gives you of the Logic Artist Spotlight
  11. Post on Twitter for each time you change an Install DVD. Don’t worry, this should only be once a year
  12. Write a screenplay about a musician installing software and his longing for streamlined interfaces. His arch nemesis – you guessed it, some dude with 50 screensets
  13. Convert your hardware synths to EXS samples without Autosampler
  14. Read Stephen King’s The Stand, the unedited version
  15. Listen to your hard drive beg for mercy


p>Do you have your own lists?

6 thoughts on “Things To Do While Installing Logic Studio”

  1. You aren’t kidding around! I have been wondering if my hard drive is broken…meanwhile…<br/>I pulled each hair out one by one and am currently sewing them back in…one by one<br/>I verified all the blocks and sectors of my 4 hard drives…visually.<br/>I watched Lord of the Rings 1-3, Harry Potter 1-5, Friday the 13th, 1-?, every Bruce Lee movie, and every Clint Eastwood.<br/>I am currently combing the dictionary for spelling errors.

  2. I was hungry, so I planted some wheat and strawberry seeds. Waited. Harvested both crops and then baked some bread and made some jam. My friend turned into a skeleton

  3. while installing i think they came out with the next version that only weighs 85 lbs

  4. I ate breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. And I also mowed my backyard. Watched some stupid reality show and took a leak. Then FINALLY, it was time to insert Audio Content Disc 1.

  5. I am restringing my piano as I install logic and oddly enough as I finish each octave I also insert a new disc. Did I mention I only have one finger on each hand?

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