MainStage To Usher In a New Era Of Songwriting…For Me

I’m playing around on Logic’s EVB3 organ and thinking about how many songs come to memory just based on this instrument. I rarely use it, and with MainStage coming I think I’ll be taking a renewed approach to songwriting.

With Logic I sometimes feel like a guy who knows a lot about hammers. I know if the hammer is working. I can help people fix their hammers when they’re having problems. I regularly write about how awesome the hammer I use is and what the hammer manufacturer can do to make it even better.

But I rarely build houses.

When writing music at a computer it’s so easy to get wrapped up into doing everything but writing your music. You may not have any verses yet, but you’ve already mixed your chorus. You’re too busy to work with your melody because you’re still browsing all the synths you can use.

Since MainStage gets you OUT of the studio I’m hoping that it helps people jump over their creative blocks – and also get them away from using so many Apple Loops.