Mac Office 2008 Preview Site Online

The Mac BU has posted an Office 2008 preview site. Everything is slow right now – it must be getting pounded.

I know it’s unfashionable to be a Mac user and actually LIKE a Microsoft product, but it looks like Office is headed in the right direction. It has the Mac look going on, not so many fricking floating windows, and could put Office right back where it was before iWork came along – as long as Powerpoint has the same coolness as Keynote..

But why so little news on Entourage? My Day is underwhelming. It seems like something that should actually be a menu bar app.

I’ve stopped using Entourage for task management since it isn’t a friendly GTD solution – despite steps to beat it into submission. It would be awesome if the MacBU realized how many Mac users use GTD and build the GTD feel into Entourage. Project management, Quicksilver support, Tasks with different statuses withou having to maintain categories and smart views…

I can dream.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008

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