The Logic Rip-Off?

Between the complaints about the iPhone price drop and the Logic price drop I’m pretty confident you can’t satisfy everybody.

I’ve been reading some posts on forums that Apple is completely ripping off its users by lowering Logic’s price. How this is the case boggles my mind.

Typically, the only people complaining are the people who either:

  1. Bought Logic before the August cut-off
  2. Are pissed because the price cut didn’t happen when they bought it

I suppose that if you bought Logic during the end of July I can understand your frustration. This kind of thing happens to everybody at some point. But it’s only another $200 to upgrade.

Others are upset that they just spent $1k on Logic a year ago. If you’re running a semi-professional studio I get the feeling that $1k for software will be the least of your expenses once you compare it to microphones, outboard gear, midi controllers, studio monitors, the Mac, and all the other bunch of things you may have.

Then there are users who don’t run studios and save every penny to buy Logic (Pro), and get pissed that it’s price dropped. Somehow they believe that Apple has a moral obligation to inform their users that their products will get price reductions and when they will be updated.

Would that be helpful? Hell yeah – then everybody would wait until the next version of everything, never buying anything NOW ever again. Are they obligated to do that? Of course not.

At the end of the day, the only people who should be complaining about Logic’s price drop are the people who make competing DAWs.