2 thoughts on “Logic Pro 8 Screenshots on Logicprohelp.com”

  1. Hi David, good stuff here..

    Couple pre-upgrade questions re: Logic Pro 8:

    Can user key commands be imported and translated/retained from v 7.1?

    Does Autoload file from 7 retain all settings?


  2. Alex, Yes to both.

    But, this is a completely new version. I didn’t have a complex autoload, but what I ended up doing is starting from scratch with Logic 8 since it’s much easier to create new instruments and channels when they’re needed. I have a new autoload built with Logic 8 (they’re called templates now.)

    As for key commands, those should transfer with your Logic 7 autoload fine (and then you can save them to a dedicated key command file) – but you may want to gloss through them to make sure they’re what you want. Apple changed some things in the 8.02 to avoid conflict with Leopard features (namely, Spaces).

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