iTunes 7.4 – Ringtones and More Album Friendly?

It isn’t out yet, but I noticed this in Apple’s iTunes Wi-Fi store PR.

Emphasis mine.

iTunes 7.4 includes a larger viewing area for movies and TV, filling the entire iTunes window for a richer, seamless video playback experience that looks better than ever. You can now rate entire albums as well as individual songs.

I requested this years ago and I’m glad it’s finally implemented. I was hoping that they could work out averages based on track ratings, but I guess that’s a little ridiculous since there’d be so many albums between 3.57526752987872467 stars and 4.2476234653674224 stars.

The 99¢ for ringtones to songs you already have bothers me a bit, but I suppose you pay for the convenience of a streamlined process. How the recorded music industry gets away with charging people for something that’s fair use is beyond me.

For the rest of us, there’s Audacity.

Or Fission.

Apple Unveils the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store