First Screenshot of Entourage 2008

If you went to the new Mac Office site and watched the My Day video you have already seen Entourage 2008.

If you missed it, it’s because you blinked.

Entourage 2008 screen grab from Microsoft's Mac Office 2008 preview site

This grainy shot is the most that’s surfaced so far, to my knowledge – it’s a screen grab I took from the My Day demo.

So what can we tell about Entourage 2008 so far?

  1. VASTLY improved interface. The toolbar actually looks like it belongs on the Mac.
  2. Looks like the mailbox pane on the left will unfold as you need it, and the parents of mail folders are also clearer.
  3. Search looks like it will actually be usable. It will be interesting to see if Entourage uses Spotlight for search instead of its own engine.
  4. The preview pane portion doesn’t look finished yet.

Based on the interface alone it looks like a much friendlier version.