Epitaph out of eMusic – 24¢ A Track Doesn’t Cut It

Epitaph, the record label representing Bad Religion, Dangerdoom, and other indie rock bands, has pulled out of eMusic.

A few labels have been pulling from eMusic this year (despite their rate increase about a year ago), but Epitaph has been with eMusic since the beginning.

17 Dots claims it’s because Epitaph wanted to charge the standard price of 99¢ a track. eMusic tracks are typically closer to 25¢ a track depending on what plan you’re on.

I find eMusic’s argument interesting because they say they serve a market of music fans that are interested in quality music, but that 99¢ a track is just too much. eMusic also states that their customers buy more music than any other digital music retailer.

Thing is, would that be the case if eMusic didn’t have subscription plans? I know that they get $20 from me each month because I wanted to be grandfathered in to the 90-track plan. If I cancel and come back later I’ll lose 15 tracks.

As it is, eMusic sets themselves up so that all their customers are in a “use it or lose it” situation. You didn’t use all your downloads last month? Eh, better luck this time around.

I really wonder if eMusic would still be able to accurately claim this if you could pay 25¢ a track with no monthly commitment to a plan.

Via: an epitaph for epitaph at 17 dots

1 thought on “Epitaph out of eMusic – 24¢ A Track Doesn’t Cut It”

  1. I’m on a 65 track a month plan. Would I spend the equivalent of a couple actual plastic albums a month at eMusic if I wasn’t on a plan? Some months more, some months less. Depending on the releases. Would I spend more if more artists were on eMusic? Absolutely. Will I renew if more music like Neko Case or the Weakerthans disappears from eMusic? Maybe not. Most likely I’d end up at zunior.com. And I would spend less overall on digital music at the higher prices. I wouldn’t try bands on a whim like I do with eMusic.

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