eMusic To Offer Audiobooks

I signed up to Audible with an offer of $7.95 for the first month. For next month it will jump to $15.

eMusic will offer audiobooks at $9.99 each starting tomorrow. That will probably be when I cancel my Audible account.

With audiobooks, audio quality isn’t a prime concern, so I hope that eMusic does well, if not just because it’s the only online DRM-Free audiobook solution to my knowledge.

Via: eMusic Press Room :

1 thought on “eMusic To Offer Audiobooks”

  1. Is it me, or is eMusic’s selection of audiobooks pretty crappy?<br/><br/>I’ve been with audible for a few years – their selection isn’t as wide as I’d like either, but I think they’re still the best deal going.<br/><br/>Buying full price at the bookstore would be insane…

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