Apple Distorts NBC’s iTunes Position

I’m not defending NBC, but is anyone else surprised at how distorted NBC’s side of this iTunes deal is?

The Apple/Mac community has criticized NBC for demanding $4.99 an episode when really all that’s known is that NBC wanted to raise prices for Apple. Apple said that this would increase prices for NBC shows to $4.99, but it’s unclear how much of that $4.99 actually goes to NBC and Apple.

Does NBC really care how much Apple charges for shows as long as they get paid?

Apple’s press release is basically a passive aggressive note. It portrays NBC as a bad guy and is clearly meant to incite the public to maintain Apple’s costs for NBC shows. But it’s not known how much the wholesale price is or how much “more than double” that price is. NBC hasn’t released any PR regarding this.

Perhaps because NBC has a little more tact than Apple.

But it will probably work.

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